Nothing last forever

were in mad crisis right now, me and my boyfriend, im pretty sure my life gonna be putted upside down as soon as my school stop..idk, but last time i checked fight like this never end well, and i need a huge magical thing to happend for not us to break up…i have a mad feeling about it latley, and its hurts me, alot, i cant do anything about it.

thouht that i could lose him make me sad..i actually havent smiled for weeks now, cuz things are so strange, we not act like a couple anymore, we dont even speak normally togheter..

Maybe it will be best for both parts to take and end for it..

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One Response to Nothing last forever

  1. kellexi says:

    Hmm… im sorry to read this. I know he is your first real love. But don’t give this up without a fight. If you don’t fight for this you will regret this later on in life. You guys have been together for ages, it’s normal to have moments like these. I hope it doesn’t last though. You deserve to be happy. I hope things will get better for you soon. Don’t lose hope just yet! Some things do last forever, like my endless love for you šŸ˜‰

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