next week, its end of all

Next week, i have the last exam ever, afte that, no more school too me.
I had a blast with my teacher today, i got the worst grade of them all, and i know the teachers hates me, first i said i didnt wanna hear the grade i knew i was gonna get, then my teacher came and pushed me out, i started to cry like a little idiot, and then she told me somethng who gave me a huge smile again, she totally is the best teacher i have ever got.

what she did say was: ” Listen, silje, u can achive whatever u want, look at me
Me: yah, perfect in any way, hows that gonna help me?
Her. I was just like you at school, even worser, i was silence, i did sweat and started shaking when people said my name and i realized i needed to talk, i almost jizzed in my pants everytime i needed to talk in class..
look who iam now, what am i?
Me: A teacher..
Her: Yep, a teacher, if u knewed me back at those days, would you believe i was going to be a teacher?
Me: Guess not

So the whole thing, she just opened my eyes, i actually can be whatever i want i i only want it..
Thanks.. eventhough u gave me a rotten grade, u made my day better–


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