Life isnt the same without.

Its one thing i really cant survive a day without, and that is nothing else then “snus”, u cant really get those other places then sweden, Norway and maybe Denmark, and some places in England, every other countrys look at this as “drugs” but hell, its not, they dont sell drugs in normal food store in norway or sweden at all, since its forbidden here, so snus isnt drugs at all..
I tryed to learn this stuff to an old from from netherland, he got all over angry and told it was drugs, i got mad, cuz i know it isnt.. its mostly like smokes, its the same shit, you just take it in ur mouth and done, its nicotine, yes, many people who trying to quit smoking goes over to this snus thing, stupid thou, cuz still its the same shit, just little different..

Anyway, You can have ur snus anywhere, airplane, school, meetings, works, cuz its allowed, you can even put one in without the police care..
Snus is awesome stuff, and yes im adiccted, and yes some of my friends outside these countrys dosent know i do it, cuz i never will eplain the shit every time, i tell you, it isnt dangerous at all, and even more safer then smoke..

For those who wonder, yes if i wanna go to usa, england, belgium, netherland i can take snus with me, i can, so strange that they dont sell this

Its two different type, portions and loose, portions is mostly uised.

Its many brands of snus, what i mostly use is: *

then you have alot of other.


Then you have the “girly” snus, that isnt alot of nicotine in at all. taste like mint, and mostly used by beginners..

Hell, its alot of brands, dont have time to show every single one of them..

The snus itself looks like this:

And all you need to do is put it in ur upperlip, and have it there until its wet, believe me, u understand when its starting to be that..

Last but not least; if u search snus at google, u get up alot of ugly and broken teeth, and yes, you can end up with that if u dont take care of ur teeth and brush them good everyday, and u wont get it..

I have ugly teeth, but thats not cuz of snus at all, i had that long before i started with it..its something that goes in my family tbh..


And sorry sis kelly, i havent told you this, reason stands in this mess, and i wont suprise u and cory whenever i come to netherland with a mysteries box..haha


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3 Responses to Life isnt the same without.

  1. kellexi says:

    I’m not mad sis! i wanna try it myself haha…so bring on that mysterybox

  2. Sure, im gonna bring it!

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