Me and my bf decided to take a break, not lame ass teens break, but we-are-still-togheter-break. 
we cant live togheter the way it is right now, and he needs to clean up this money mess for himself, and its more easy to live with his money for one person then double it up with two people..thats why im going to move to my parents this summer, and believe it or not, i cant really wait, next weekend im going on camping with my sister and her little family, then i just gonna chill out for some weeks..
i was suppose to go to netherland, but since i really have money problems and my parents has helped me alot by sending me money i dont have money for the plane ticket.
Im going to work with my sister and earn up some money in august, and work there till september og october, so.. i dont see my bf for 3-4 months.. 

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