30 days challenge

DAY 4: Discuss your wiews on religion

I do not believe in god, but i believe its something “up there”, i know when we die, we get to a place and having a tea party with other people, meets our loved once we lost years or months ago and everyone are friends up there, i actually dont believe some mean people go to hell, even though i wish it..
I said i dont believe in god, but i guess i do, just not the other hyper christians do, i just dont believe the story of him.

I mostly dont care what religion people wanna believe, or what they believe, they are people, they can believe whatever they want, even though is buddah, allah or god/jesus or whatever..

i feel religions pretty much screw up this word more then it saves it, mostly the wars in this world is about other people believes,and thats pretty fucked up shit, why cant people just relax and look at other people faces not theyre religion..

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