…was crazy.

I had my first day at “work”, and suddenly i ended up in a shooting area, i was like.. omg, are we shooting; with a real weapon? i standed up since no one of the chicken boys wanted it.. ;D i was proud of myself even though i missed, all.the.time..

The group was crazy, and the dudes there was all about “sex” talk all over, i was like..omg, what a mental place i ended up in.. o.o people over 20 talk like this? but well, they was nice..
But in the end, the boys was nice, took me well in and i felt like i have knowed them for like forever.. 
Today, idk what we gonna do, really o.o kinda scares me, lol.. 
But im glad i can be outside the house a bit of the day, pretty boring just being on the sofa and think you are the uglyest person in the world.. 

I just go with the flow today.. 


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