imvu. i kinda miss you ♥

imvu. i kinda miss you ♥

Yes, i have to admit, i really miss imvu, and i have to admit iam in there now and then, but it isnt much anymore.
I met so much people on there, bad, evil, some good ones, and people i really love from the buttom of my heart.
I met a really cute girl in there (I hated her the first days…shhh, dont tell but in the end, i started to like her, we talked alot, and in the end, i really love her, even though we don’t talk so much togheter today, i still think about her, and i still see her as my sis, i know i still can come to her if im scared or just lost in my life, i am really glad that imvu excist, or i would never met this lovley girl, and i never forget her boyfriend either, and im SO happy they got togheter in the end, im really really happy for it.
Hey, love couple, if you guys ever get married, invite me, i really gonna come, trust me 😀

But yah, i spent ALOT of money on this game, its really a shame, and i never forget that HUGE phone bill i got one day.. wops.. 😀
But imvu is totally worth the shit, im allways gonna love imvu! ♥ one day iam gonna be more online then i am now, but right now, i have other things i wanna fix first.

and yeah, its a picture with this, i made it fast on photoshop and im pretty proud of it..♥

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