rainbow poopers

Seriously, facebook, instagram, snapchat ( and others shit social stuff) starting to get on my nerves, im not much on the other stuff, but facebook is really a headache place.
Im seriouly tired of reading and watching those perfect little life people, who seems to have all the time in theyre life and just, yah, pooping rainbows. 
Im tired of watching those pictures u can smell soap from, im tired of reading the perfect family life situations when im not having that myself right now. 
I hate to see that normal people like me just take a trip to spain, turkey and other warm countrys now and then when others struggling with having enough food for the week and sitting and eating hard bread with water at the end of the months. I’v been thinking alot latley for deleteing my facebook for good, cuz im really really tired of seeing perfect dinner pictures, perfect house pictures, etc.. 
Serioulsy, where does people get the money and the fucking time from? i wanna know the secret , you guys eating crayons in secret or something? 😦 I also wanna poop some rainbows..


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