Another 30 days challenge


Yep, you red right, im gonna try this shit again, a new one. 
I wanna finish this, i have tryed so many times on hell of many blogs, this time im gonna make it.

1. weird things you do when you’re alone. 
Hehe, i doing alot of weird stuff when i’am alone, most commen is im talking to myself. a lot. 
That’s not the most strange part about it thou, i even ask myself what the hell i was saying, and say it again. 
I also sing alot, if i’am in a happy mood i also dance, and even tell myself afterwards that i was good as hell at this.. 
Yep, this is the weird things i do, can’t come up with more then this tbh.

Im sure im not the only one who talk to myself 

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