About me

Okey.. i am a girl with alot of shit in my head, and i can be really ironic pretty often. I love myself, and i love that i can be ironic sometimes, and btw i can be really random too..

Bte, my life is mostly about counting rocks..
me counting rocks

And i have met Tylor Lautner
Woops, busted by the faceinhole logo.. 😦

And i have my own personal foot massager back at home..
foot massage

More to come, about my friends back in netherland 😉 stay tuned


2 Responses to About me

  1. kellexi says:

    Lol… I’m a girl! like we can’t see that from all the flowers on ur blog 😛

  2. kellexi says:

    And ur friend in Belgium? :O

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