YES! Car accidents can happend to you too !

I really really can’t stand those people who think accidents never happend to them and everything is 100 % safe. 
Well, no one is safe on the traffic, NO ONE.. 
One person i work with says that car accident never gonna happend to him so he can drive fast as he want cuz he have so much control, yah, you have so much control with the phone in your hand and looking more at that then the road, iam im frighten to even drive with you. 
And yah, you maybe have the damn control until u meet another car without so much control then you believe you have then BAM, your’re fighting for ur life in hospital or even worse, DEAD. 
I have to say i dont like that my dear boyfriend says the same as he do, how can those people know for sure they never end up in crash?  creeping me out, a lot. 
Can’t say i hope they end up in a crash to wake up a bit about it, but they learn then.. 


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Another 30 days challenge


Yep, you red right, im gonna try this shit again, a new one. 
I wanna finish this, i have tryed so many times on hell of many blogs, this time im gonna make it.

1. weird things you do when you’re alone. 
Hehe, i doing alot of weird stuff when i’am alone, most commen is im talking to myself. a lot. 
That’s not the most strange part about it thou, i even ask myself what the hell i was saying, and say it again. 
I also sing alot, if i’am in a happy mood i also dance, and even tell myself afterwards that i was good as hell at this.. 
Yep, this is the weird things i do, can’t come up with more then this tbh.

Im sure im not the only one who talk to myself 

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rainbow poopers

Seriously, facebook, instagram, snapchat ( and others shit social stuff) starting to get on my nerves, im not much on the other stuff, but facebook is really a headache place.
Im seriouly tired of reading and watching those perfect little life people, who seems to have all the time in theyre life and just, yah, pooping rainbows. 
Im tired of watching those pictures u can smell soap from, im tired of reading the perfect family life situations when im not having that myself right now. 
I hate to see that normal people like me just take a trip to spain, turkey and other warm countrys now and then when others struggling with having enough food for the week and sitting and eating hard bread with water at the end of the months. I’v been thinking alot latley for deleteing my facebook for good, cuz im really really tired of seeing perfect dinner pictures, perfect house pictures, etc.. 
Serioulsy, where does people get the money and the fucking time from? i wanna know the secret , you guys eating crayons in secret or something? 😦 I also wanna poop some rainbows..


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imvu. i kinda miss you ♥

imvu. i kinda miss you ♥

Yes, i have to admit, i really miss imvu, and i have to admit iam in there now and then, but it isnt much anymore.
I met so much people on there, bad, evil, some good ones, and people i really love from the buttom of my heart.
I met a really cute girl in there (I hated her the first days…shhh, dont tell but in the end, i started to like her, we talked alot, and in the end, i really love her, even though we don’t talk so much togheter today, i still think about her, and i still see her as my sis, i know i still can come to her if im scared or just lost in my life, i am really glad that imvu excist, or i would never met this lovley girl, and i never forget her boyfriend either, and im SO happy they got togheter in the end, im really really happy for it.
Hey, love couple, if you guys ever get married, invite me, i really gonna come, trust me 😀

But yah, i spent ALOT of money on this game, its really a shame, and i never forget that HUGE phone bill i got one day.. wops.. 😀
But imvu is totally worth the shit, im allways gonna love imvu! ♥ one day iam gonna be more online then i am now, but right now, i have other things i wanna fix first.

and yeah, its a picture with this, i made it fast on photoshop and im pretty proud of it..♥

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My old school..

i miss this school when i see this, wish i was little again and do this dance myself.

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My dream house

I cant really wait to get myself a nice big house, with perfect rooms.. lol mostly of this is can i just dream about right now tbh.. ugh.. 
Wish i had a all the money in the wooorld..

My bedroom gonna look like this: 
With ofcourse some small different on the decoration, and in more natural colors.

My kitchen should go like this: 
Im sooo in love with that style now O_O

The room of my children should go like this:
haha – i love it, alot of toys, alot of shock colors… mm.. love it..

My balcony should go like this: 
I dont say no to the beach behind either.. 

i miss the bathroom and livingroom… but hell, i dont find the WOW on those rooms yet… 


My 30 days challenge go only one way…down, sorry about that.

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…was crazy.

I had my first day at “work”, and suddenly i ended up in a shooting area, i was like.. omg, are we shooting; with a real weapon? i standed up since no one of the chicken boys wanted it.. ;D i was proud of myself even though i missed, all.the.time..

The group was crazy, and the dudes there was all about “sex” talk all over, i was like..omg, what a mental place i ended up in.. o.o people over 20 talk like this? but well, they was nice..
But in the end, the boys was nice, took me well in and i felt like i have knowed them for like forever.. 
Today, idk what we gonna do, really o.o kinda scares me, lol.. 
But im glad i can be outside the house a bit of the day, pretty boring just being on the sofa and think you are the uglyest person in the world.. 

I just go with the flow today.. 


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